Monday, March 19, 2012

Our Little Lamb

Baby Jonathan was born on March 13th and Eric and I are just so in love with our little man! We're also pretty tired, but overall doing well. It's funny because we can just stare at his little face all day long. Oh the joys of being first-time parents :-)

Friday, November 4, 2011

21 weeks

I am 21 weeks and counting! It's crazy how time has been flying. My guess is because I have been so busy with student teaching and Eric with his job. Well, we're happy to report that the baby is doing well and is healthy! We had our 20 week appt. ultrasound and I can't believe how much bigger our little guy is! It's kinda fun to compare ultrasound pictures from 12 and 16 weeks and see the growth.

I did find out something interesting at the ultrasound though... Apparently I have an anterior placenta. Nothing to worry about, but it explains why I haven't been able to feel strong movements from the baby. The placenta is closer to my stomach, so it is temporarily acting like a cushion and absorbing little kicks and punches. Luckily, I think, that shouldn't last for much longer as the baby gets bigger and stronger. Anyway, we are just so excited for our little guy to make his grand debut to the world! We have already received (or I guess baby boy has) some presents for the baby. That just makes us a little more anxious! Haha. Gotta be patient though!

In other news, my teacher work sample is turned in and I am praying I pass it! The teacher work sample is a huge project I had to do for student teaching and I have to pass it before I graduate. Also, I am now student teaching in a 6th grade classroom and so far I'm enjoying it! The students are a lot of fun and I have a great mentor teacher. As much fun as teaching is, it's also pretty stressful and tiring (especially when pregnant). Therefore, I am really looking forward to December when I will be graduating! A break will be very welcome and I can have a few months to really get ready for the baby. Woohoo!

Anyway, time to be productive! So long, dear blog!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Student Teaching... Life

I'm so lame at posting on this thing, so... sorry! Well Eric and I have had a very busy summer, and we're still busy because school is in session and Eric is working on some more projects.

Things we've done this summer and up until now:
-gone to CA 3 times
-a few weddings
-a farewell (my brother)
-two homecomings (my cousin and Eric's grandparents)
-rafted down the Payette River in ID
-my brothers came out to visit
-celebrated my birthday and my brother's (he opened his mission call at our place on his bday)
-had lots of family come visit actually
-more celebrations
-used our pass of all passes
-bought furniture (we went from furnished to unfurnished)
-drove up Big Cottonwood Canyon & Hobble Creek Canyon
-went to St. George twice (once for vacation, the other for a family reunion)
-started p90x
-ended p90x (haha...3 weeks later)
-celebrated our 2nd anniversary
-became nursery leader, then got released
-got a bunch of free books (the covers are ripped off though)
-bought maternity clothes (can't button my pants anymore!)
-started student teaching 5th grade (they are great!)
-there are probably a lot more that I can't think of at the moment... hopefully that keeps you all entertained.

Anyway, that's our life right now. Major focuses: Baby, Work, and School. Can't wait until December to graduate and then March to meet our little one!!! I'm about 14 weeks btw. And we do not know what we're having right now. We'll probably find out at the end of Oct/beginning of Nov.