Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Salt Lake Cemetery

About a month ago Eric and I went to the Salt Lake Cemetery. It may sound morbid to go there on a date, but we actually really enjoyed our time there. We went to the office and found a map outside the door with a map to the cemetery. It showed where all of the "notable" graves were. Now this cemetery is seriously huge (and it was rainy), so we drove around to the different sections, parked, and tried to find the grave sites of many LDS prophets, apostles, scholars, etc. Oh, and the view from the cemetery (it's on a hill) is GORGEOUS! Sadly, pictures don't do it justice. Here's my attempt at the view of Salt Lake Valley:

We also saw some very old graves from the mid-1800s. Some were illegible, but others were interesting to see and read. This is a shot of a couple old tombstones I took while there. Who knew they made something like clay tablets for tombstones.

Anyway, we had a really fun time and I would recommend going if your ever in Salt Lake City :-)