Monday, December 21, 2009

Free shipping anyone?

The Barbour Express is in business for this holiday season! Well... only for Christmas. As you can see, our car was stuffed to the max. With family in UT sending stuff home with us and the orders from our CA families we fit everything in and made it in one piece! The picture really doesn't even do the trip justice, haha. Hillary (who you can partially see) had her backpack on her lap the whole time and there was another girl named Corinne who went down with us who had her bag her her lap too. By my feet was my purse, Eric's jacket and my big backpack and the trunk was overflowing in presents and luggage :) It was a fun, but kinda long drive and worked out just great! Both of our families are obsessed with UT's Grandma Sycamore's bread and/or Stephen's Hot Chocolate... so total we brought down 12 loaves of bread (only 2 got a little smashed) and I think 7 cans of hot chocolate. We love our family!!! It's great to be home, in warmer weather, and visiting with everyone we love.

Monday, December 14, 2009

It's the most wonderful time of the year! (minus snow)

What a week this will be! I can't wait until finals are over and we are headed down to California to spend Christmas with our family. It will definitely be a nice break from school, work, and SNOW! I need to vent a little about all the snow.. This weekend we got caught in a snow storm coming home from the Mormon Tabernacle Choir concert... 20 mph, 2 lanes, and dumping snow like crazy. It was kinda scary, but Eric successfully drove us home without getting any accidents. Anyway, Sunday comes and everything got slushy and gross. This morning, the slush became ice and trying to get out of the underground parking garage was pretty funny. We got stuck on the slope (which is kinda steep), but eventually we made it up...barely. I'm done venting now :) 4 more days!!