Monday, November 22, 2010

A little D.C.

So we got back from Washington D.C. about a month ago and I've failed to blog about it. Not surprised, haha. We took tons of pictures (half of them are on our facebook -- the other half I haven't gotten off my memory card). Here are a few:

This first picture is from this random ice cream shop we stumbled upon. Eric said they had the best chocolate ice cream he has ever had! When we went back to get more ice cream the next day (a Saturday) they were closed. I have no clue why so many shops were closed on a Saturday... it was sometimes a source of frustration.

These pictures aren't really in order of how we did stuff, but this one above is outside the Lincoln Memorial. It was so cool!! We love Abe Lincoln. Also, the view of the Washington monument from the top of the stairs was gorgeous (picture of this located at the bottom of this post).

This is the Institute of Peace, and the location and the style of the building was actually very peaceful! It's not open yet though.. they are still finishing parts of the building (I think on the inside).

This is Eric right outside of George Washington Medical School where his namesake (Grandpa Merrill) went to Medical School. Pretty cool, huh?

View of the Washington monument on the stairs of the Lincoln Memorial.