Friday, July 16, 2010

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Family resemblances

These are a few pictures of my handsome brother Brett. They aren't exactly the greatest pictures for the point I'm trying to make, so if you know him well or have seen him in person... then you may appreciate this comparison.

First off, don't mind me in the reflection. This is a picture of my great grandpa Roscoe Baker and great grandma (who Eric and I visited over memorial weekend) Mary. I looked at this picture of Roscoe and see my brother Brett's image...for those of you who know him. It's crazy! The head shape, the lips... Do you see it? Haha, if not... you may need to pay Bretty Boy a visit :)

Now for my husband Eric and his grandpa Neil Barbour... It seriously is hilarious how alike they look, and according to Eric's grandma, Linda, their mannerisms are identical. Grandpa Neil died when Eric was young (5 yrs old i think?) so this goes to show it's not all environment that makes you who you are! Genetics play a big role too! :) I'll try to get better pictures up here of Neil. For now, it's just one I took on my cell phone when I was at the Barbours a few weeks ago.