Monday, April 5, 2010

Hang in there...

I only need to get through next Wednesday... I have so many projects and things due before finals! Ah! Well, slowly but surely they will get done. Things on my to do list:

-Make a medicine wheel art project
-Make a storybook for music class
-Research paper due TOMORROW
-Dance practicum due TOMORROW
-Resume for English
-Math Exam by this Wednesday
-Storytelling for drams
-A tape sample of me singing (ew)
-I'm probably forgetting a few things too

With the exception of Math and my Research paper... nothing I have due is necessarily hard... just SO time consuming. Oh well... Can anyone guess what my major is? Haha. I have work on top of all of these things 20 hrs a week. Oh what a busy life. Gotta love it!